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Recovery – You Can Self Heal – Tony Wright
The basic ethos of the course is Mind and Body – that in order to fix the mind, you need to fix the body and to fix the body you need to fix the mind. The interaction between mind and body is such that if you attempt to fix the one without the other, you are not making full use of the bodies capabilities or resources. In effect you may delay or postpone any potential healing process. The courses offer a non-technical overview on the interaction between the mind and body with particular reference to the consequences and outcomes from a period of physical or mental dysfunction, with a range of strategies and tactics outlined to create maximum momentum to facilitate recovery.

  • You will benefit from an ongoing program which will allow you to self-manage your own recovery.
  • A key advantage is that you be able to take responsibility for your Anthony Wright - Recovery - You Can Self Healown health improvement.
  • You will learn how your mind and body tends to react in a repair/recovery/crisis situation and how this may well impact on other areas of your life.
  • The courses offer simple day-to-day steps to rejuvenate both mind and body and fulfil your recovery
  • This is a personal repair kit that outlines the strategies that can be implemented on an ongoing basis to achieve lasting change, and recovery

This is a guide, a map through the recovery process

Achieving Excellence with NLP – Leighton Stagg

Leighton explains the fundamental mindset behind NLP, and what makes it such a powerful framework for personal growth and transformation. He takes us on a short journey through the (often unconscious) processes which massively shape our everyday experience, and teaches some simple yet profound ways of breaking out of the limiting beliefs and behaviours which may be holding us back – to ultimately achieve a greater sense of personal fulfilment, and ‘excellence’ in our chosen field.

  • Understand the mindset behind Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingLeighton Stagg - Achieving Excellence With NLP
  • Understand the constant, (mostly unconscious) process of communication shaping your everyday experience
  • Gain insight into the things that may be holding you back from personal fulfilment and excellence in your field
  • Discover the most important question you can ask yourself, in order to begin breaking through your personal barriers
  • Learn the key ingredient which makes all personal change possible (yet is somehow left out of many NLP trainings!)
  • Discover the simplest (and most powerful) way of upgrading your mind and skill-sets
  • Learn about the wealth of resources NLP can offer you, to facilitate this process
  • Be inspired by the greatest realisation of all…


Six Steps to Finding a Successful New Career – Ross Nichols

Based on his own experience of a challenging career transition, from Army combat engineer to business mentor and career coach, Ross Nichols explains how anyone in transition can create their own future and live the life they want.

Ross shares the six steps he used to transform his own experience of transition into one of personal and professional transformation and learn how this can help you:-Play video by clicking here

  • Learn how to be yourself
  • Discover your direction of travel
  • Learn about some of the tools to help you achieve your goals
  • Understand the important mindsets and behaviours to be successful