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Entrepreneurial Marketing – Dr Alan Rae

Successful small companies develop new products and offers interactively with their customers and construct a value network to deliver and achieve a position of market leadership. A good offer is in demand, takes off quickly and brings in income early on.

You need the right balance between face to face and online promotion to demonstrate that you and your firm know your stuff, deliver and are easy to work with.

This course shows you how to achieve it and will show you how to:-

Alan Rae - Entrepreneurial Marketing

  • Understand the powerful forces for change that are sweeping through markets
  • Develop new products with your customers.
  • Cope when your product range plateaus and your growth gets stuck.
  • Promote yourself using an online toolkit to back up your networking and selling
  • Build delivery systems to have customers coming back because they like the way you work.
  • Become a learning organisation – the only sustainable source of competitive advantage.

Meeting the Challenge of Continuous Change – David Stoughton

Four changes to the dynamics of business networks are creating disruptive change, change that undermines the core business models of established companies. Responding to these changes is exceptionally tough, many media companies and retailers have already succumbed and other sectors are in the firing line.

The business methods of the 20th century cannot respond sufficient rapidly. Meeting the challenge requires new, adaptive, business structures, systems that sense and respond to change, rapid learning and greatly accelerated decision-making.

This is what you will learn:-

  • Understand the powerful forces for change that are sweeping through marketsDavid Stoughton - Meeting The Challenge Of Continuous Change
  • Identify the patterns that herald these changes
  • Recognise the impact they have on business models that have served well in the past
  • Appreciate how challenging this is for business
  • Understand how business systems and methods need to change
  • Review some powerful techniques and tools you can employ

Create the Map for Your Future Success – David Stoughton

New small and micro-businesses are the fastest growing sector of the British economy but their failure rate is unfortunately very high. Much of this can be put down to a lack of clarity about the purpose, objectives and targets of the developing business and the interim steps required to achieve their goals. Prior to planning, a clear direction, a sound business model and a roadmap that identifies the route to delivering value are essential to long-term survival.

This is what you will discover:-

  • Why a meaningful purpose, clear values and a well defined goal are essentialDavid Stoughton - Create The Map For Your Future Success
  • How these are broken down into measurable objectives with achievable targets
  • The essentials of a workable business model
  • The importance of quantifiable milestones for the development of core facets of the business
  • How these can be structured into a Route to Value that reveals the logic and assumptions underlying business plans and enables them to be validated or challenged
  • Use the Route to Value roadmap for prioritising work and tracking progress

Business Growth Through Quality Assurance – Andrew Foy

A brief explanation of ISO (the International Organisation for Standards), the role of Standards, and how they should serve your business. We will look at the myths and mystery surrounding ISO; the benefits of the standards; what not to do (briefly); the role of UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service); and what you should do to implement Standards that serve your business by assuring your customers, opening up new markets, managing your risks and ultimately improving your business.

You will discover:-

  • Understanding of What is ISO?Andrew Foy - Business Growth Through Quality Assurance
  • Understanding the role of Standards
  • Outline of the International Standard ISO 9001 (Quality Management)
  • Outline of the benefits of ISO Certification
  • Debunking the myths and misconceptions surrounding ISO
  • Understand the role of UKAS
  • How to Guarantee ISO success
  • How the Standards help you to improve your business