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So You Want to Start a Business? – Jeremy Webb

An introduction to starting a business and choosing the right idea for you. Sometimes the most obvious ideas are not the best! Being realistic about your aims and your skills is important, so too is a realistic view of your market. Friends and family often tell you what they think you want to hear but their support can make a huge difference. Too many people never reap the rewards they work for- don’t you be one of them!   A six stage process to adopt in making the right choices for you:-

  • Helping to you to understand yourselfJeremy Webb Video
  • Preparing your ideas
  • Making choices- your aims
  • Pre Launch Planning – to get it right
  • Adopting an Appropriate Risk Strategy
  • Deciding whether to press the GO button
  • Reviewing your Progress


The R- Factor – Redefining Networking for Growth – Andy Lampard

The old adage is true. “People buy from people”. Why is it that so many business owners fail to understand that the fundamental starting point to Sales and Suppliers is Relationships. Cultivated relationships lead to referrals. Referrals lead to sales. Growing your sales pipe-line lead to not just to survival but SUSTAINABLE growth of the business! Discover “the R factor”

  • The 3 R’s that underpin sustainable growth for businessAndy Lampard Video
  • 70% of UK businesses are single person business. The R Factor to enables them to leverage the benefits of a multi-department business without the cost or management issues!
  • Make “Word of Mouth “ a strategy, not a game of chance!
  • How a single-person business can increase their “working week” without working extra hours!
  • Become “we” not “I” with integrity
  • How to achieve many Nil Net Cost suppliers to your small business
  • The benefits of a “hub” network and working out from the “hub”
  • The need for Professional Development of Networking Skills