Want to Develop a New Career, or to go into Self Employment?

MentoringWe understand what is important, as part of the transition process and we can help you to explore new life change opportunities, that will leave you feeling invigorated and alive with a new sense of adding to society and belonging. We can help you help you to find the right career or to go into self employment and to help you achieve “fast track” results. Part of this objective can be to  to help you  to succeed in providing a long term stable and secure long term income for you and your family. Here is a summary of our Services:-

  • Personal Mentoring, Development and Support
  • Personal coaching – Is a career, self employment or business right for you?
  • If self employment or business – is this to be in the role of a Consultant or a Contractor?
  • Helping you to determine the right opportunities to pursue.
  • Personal and business  financial planning – the Cashflow Quadrant
  • Goal setting to ensure you achieve results
  • Delivering success and expanding your horizons
  • Creating long term income streams outside work for a secure future
  • Raising finance
  • Retirement planning

Personal Profiling and Simulations

  • Startup PackagesPsychometric Profiling
  • Wealth Dynamics
  • Opportunity Matrix
  • Full Business Game Simulations
  • National Business Game Competitions

Virtual Personal Assistant

  • Personal AssistantVirtual Secretarial Services
  • Virtual Personal Assistant Services
  • Virtual Telephone Assistant
  • Virtual Office

Personal Concierge Service

  • Showing you how to Find the Right Contacts for the Development of Your Career or Business
  • Trying to Open Doors through our Network of Contacts
  • Helping you to Look for Key Staff or Contractors for Placements
  • Helping you with Presentations or Speeches
  • Other Bespoke Services