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The Art of the Emerging Leader

This talk will help you define yourself against established leadership benchmarks and plan the necessary adjustments to your style. Too often leadership styles are adopted from entrenched behaviour within organisations, this course will enable you to move away from any negative hierarchy and adapt the positive mind set and activities that will set you apart from the pack.

Whether you are just on the first rung of your leadership journey, or already well on the way, this course will give you tips to utilise immediately:-

  • Clear guidelines for personal benchmarkingClick here to play video
  • The ability to make suitable adjustments to your personal style
  • The knowledge that will take you effortlessly forward
  • Access to what people are looking for in leadership
  • The ability to move easily into a leadership role
  • Knowing this information can be transferred into your own business
  • Giving you the ‘edge’ over the competition


A Green Guide to Powerful Leadership

With a rising tide of absenteeism, stress and disquiet in ever more complex workplaces, this presentation offers an alternative view on effective leadership, drawing some parallels with the Green Agenda. As relevant to Chief Executives of large organisations as it is to a sole trader finding their way in a tough new world, we explore a fresh approach that can really drive performance and innovation through you – yes YOU!

You will discover:

  • An alternative view on effective leadershipClick here to play video
  • The critical importance of clear vision
  • How to improve your ‘Energy Rating’ at work and play
  • The importance of Self Determination Theory
  • How this can be used to improve performance
  • The essential back-office support for every leader

A Leader’s Guide to igniting Team Performance

Turn Toxic Teams into High Performing Machines with the Team Performance Engine. If you have a team of people working for you in your organisation then this is for you. Maybe there is an issue you need to solve, you have a problem with conflict in your team or they may just not do what you want or need them to do.

Are you tearing your hair out every day just trying to get them to see things from your perspective? How much better would it be if you could set the direction, and know without doubt that your team would enthusiastically and confidently achieve the task, knowing just what to do and when? The Team Performance Engine will give you 6 key elements that you can master to engage and mobilise your teams to achieve the goals of your organisation.

  • Discover the 6 essential elements to developing high performing Click here to watch videoteams in your business
  • Understand what is stopping your team from great performance
  • Discover a system that will enable you to fire up your leadership skills
  • Find the key to turning toxic teams into high performing machines
  • Know how to get your weekends and evenings back as you “Step Back and Lead”