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Beyond HR compliance – Giving Yourself Space to Grow – Annabel Kaye

Are you planning (and contracting) for the best arrangements for your business? Or are you stuck in ‘compliance’ mode just doing what you must, and not what suits you? The people side of your business is much too important to manage that way.

Annabel Kaye - Beyond HR Compliance - Giving Yourself Space To Grow Let’s think about it differently:-

  • Should I automate it?
  • Should I outsource it?
  • How should I manage it?
  • Should I use employees?
  • How do I get value out of the people I pay?
  • Getting rid of the myths
  • Getting ready to grow your business

Smart Tips and Tricks for Hiring Freelancers – Annabel Kaye

Are freelancers the “new normal”? How many people do you pay who are not your employee? Have you got it set up right? How can you tell? What if HMRC decide you should have been deducting tax? Who owns what the freelancer produces for you? Consider the following:-

  • Getting the right dealAnnabel Kaye - Smart Tips And Tricks For Hiring Freelancers
  • One eye on the tax man
  • Securing your business information
  • Avoiding unpleasant surprises
  • Starting to manage your freelancers
  • Getting rid of the myths
  • Getting ready to grow your business using freelancers