Managing Change

Anything that involves significant change, especially if you have been with one employer for a long time and then finally comes to an end – it can be quite traumatic. Helping You Whether you be on the front line helping to protect the interests of Queen and Country or something quite different, most people have a love hate relationship for their job but there can be a real loss of sense of belonging and of purpose and to others it is a blessed relief – it generates a real sense of excitement and is a chance to do something new.

We can help you whatever you are feeling through this transition, to determine what your “core process” is – ie what is the “real you”, how you can apply these skills and fine tune direction, matched with desired income and something that gives you a real feeling of self worth:- As part of “Helping You” we can provide:-

Career, Business and Life Change Management

Many people when they experience a life changing event such as early retirement or redundancy, choose to use the opportunity to re-evaluate their direction and find alternative employment is a completely different field or to use the time and their lump sum pension pot to start up their own business.

We can help you with the whole process, including transition into employment or business and have a large team of experts to assist you in that process with a broad range of specialisms to suit.

Personal Profiling

To determine if business or employment is right for you, we can carry out an initial assessment with you and as optional service can take you through a number of options to work out would be right for you.Social Media Buttons

Developing your Personal Brand

This has become increasingly important, and you need to promote yourself in the right way. Social Networks such as LinkedIn are both business networks and Facebook is very important for reaching consumers. Twitter is also important for establishing credibility especially if you like to write blogs. We can help you with all of these and also explore with you the importance of local business networks.

Developing your CV

We can help you develop your CV. It is so important that you present yourself in the best possible light to make yourself attractive to potential employers. Re-presenting your CV so that you make yourself to other government or commercial employers requires a presentational style to suit and we can work with you to present your true skills and in the best possible light.CV

Is Employment, Self Employment or Business Right for You?

We will explore all options and then make recommend the most appropriate course of action.

Whether it is to seek new employment or start your own business we can help with both and help to ensure with you that you will reach maximum potential.