Welcome to Personal Development Bureau. We are a community based membership organisation with over 800 Specialists in our network offering over 1,200 Unique Skillsets. We therefore can meet almost any need and can be very bespoke to match your exact requirements.

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The Personal Development Bureau can help you in one of these four main areas:-

  1. Individuals in Companies or Organisations who are faced with having to introduce Job Reduction Programmes click here
  2. Individuals facing job loss, those who are just “starting out” and Mum’s or Dad’s wanting to return back to work after a career break click here
  3. Individual Directors, Managers and Staff who need help with their Business and want to take it on to another level click here
  4. Specialists, Trainers and Consultants who want to help others and to grow a profitable and successful practice click here

We also offer extensive personal development, training and support options to help move your business to another level plus can give you access to an extensive video based library containing training modules, top tips and interviews

We have a range of personal and business grants available towards a number of our own membership and training programmes… it is a very simple and quick process to apply and can be largely completed online.

Please use the Navigation Option from the middle of the home page to select what type of client you are so that we can offer you the appropriate type of Grant.

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